FaceTime App is Apple’s video calling service. It is an Internet video and audio calling application built into iOS devices such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc. It’s also a reliable way for iOS users to video chat and works over both Wi-Fi and mobile data. 

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Interestingly, the FaceTime App allows you to call one or more people (up to 32 people) at the same time using FaceTime, as long as they have a Mac or other iOS device. To make a FaceTime call, users must also be connected to the Internet.

However, Android users will not be able to download the FaceTime app and make their own FaceTime calls. But with the release of iOS 15, iPad 15, etc., it is possible for an Apple user to send FaceTime to invite links to Android users.

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What Are The FaceTime App Features?

The FaceTime App allows users to see perfectly with a clear and audible sound. This is what makes the app famous and it has many other amazing features. Here is a list of some of the best features of the FaceTime app:

  • The FaceTime app is easy to use in minutes with just one click.
  • This application does not include a timer to count the time spent on a call.
  • One of the best features of this app is that visibility can be turned off if the user is busy with an important video call.
  • This application allows you to access other functions while the call is in the background.
  • You can turn it off at any time during the call and turn it off again after a certain time.
  • To make a video call with this application, the user can use the front or rear camera as needed.
  • The PiP image displayed on the screen allows the user to adjust the position in front of the camera during the call.
  • It only uses data or WiFi packets and should not be billed separately.