FaceTime is an application that supports audio and video calls between Apple devices or Apple Android phones. It does not replace your normal calls but offers an alternative.

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Apple’s FaceTime App works over Wi-Fi. One of the main advantages over the classic phone app is that you can make free internet calls anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. FaceTime from your home, hotel, restaurant, or any WiFi access point without the need for a high-quality mobile service. Since Wi-Fi is supported, it not only works on iPhone, but also iPod touch, iPad, and Mac.

However, FaceTime also works over cellular networks, so you can use it at home with your device’s cellular plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Portal 

How to use the FaceTime app on Android?
While there is no official FaceTime app for Android, people using iOS 15 and later can invite Android users to their FaceTime sessions. Open the FaceTime app and choose to Create a link, name the chat, and choose who you want to share the link with. Android users go to a waiting room when they use the link; You can allow them to join the call by tapping a checkmark next to their name.

How to share the screen on FaceTime?
In iOS 15 and later, you can use the SharePlay feature to share your screen with other people on FaceTime. Open FaceTime and start a new video call. Then tap on the SharePlay icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Share my screen.

Why isn’t FaceTime App working?
There are several reasons why your FaceTime connection may not work. You may have problems with your home internet network, you may not have a phone number or email address associated with your FaceTime account, or the person you are trying to call is blocked.

How do I make a group call on FaceTime?
Open the FaceTime app and select Add in the upper right corner. Enter the names, emails or phone numbers of your contacts and select audio or video. You can add up to 32 people to a call at a time.

Where do FaceTime photos go?
All screenshots taken in FaceTime are saved in the Photos app by default. If you don’t see them, try selecting All Photos to make sure the app doesn’t filter them.